Rules and Regulations

Pelican Ridge Lot Owners Association, Inc.

1200 Sunshine Run, Arnolds Park, IA 51331

(712) 330-9376

Compliance Agreement

1. The Home/Land Owner must comply with all terms and conditions of the Rules and Regulations set forth and submit written acknowledgement to the General Manager.

2. Monthly association dues shall be paid on the 1st or 15th day of each month by ACH. Checks will be accepted only for Home/Land Owners paying for 12 months. Checks shall be made payable to Pelican Ridge Lot Owners Association, Inc., and paid prior to January 1 each year. New owners that wish to pay by check will prorate the months remaining in the calendar year they become owners. Please refer to fee schedule for details.

Home/Land Owners Use of Premises

3. Homes to be placed or constructed in Pelican Ridge must meet the minimum requirements set forth in the applicable plat and the City of Arnolds Park Code of Ordinances for Mobile Home and Manufactured Housing District. All homes shall have shingled roofs and siding which has been pre-approved by the General Manager. All mobile/modular homes placed in Pelican Ridge must have been manufactured within two years of the date of placement.

4. Footings are required for modular/mobile home placement in Pelican Ridge. Wheels must be removed before the home is blocked and shall be equipped with adequate tie-downs.

5. All mobile/modular homes must be skirted within fifteen (15) days of entry using only materials approved by the General Manager and skirting must be kept clean by Home/Land Owner.

6. Home/Land Owners shall follow the City of Arnolds Park Code of Ordinances for Mobile and Manufactured Housing District. It is prohibited to provide for or permit rental of residential property for an incidental term of less than 30 consecutive days. Home/Land Owner must provide written notice to the General Manager with contact information of the renters and term of the rental agreement. Renters are responsible for complying with Rules and Regulations.

7. A home may be co-owned by more than one Home/Land Owner.

8. If a Home/Land Owner abandons a home that is located on a Pelican Ridge lot, the Pelican Ridge LOA will make a reasonable effort to notify the legal owner and/or lien holder of the home in a reasonable time to inform such person of their liability for any costs incurred for the home space, including association dues, and any other fees due and owing. The legal owner and lien holder are jointly and severally responsible for payment of such costs. The home may not be removed from the lot without a written consent form from Pelican Ridge LOA showing clearance for removal, showing all monies due and owing are paid in full, or an agreement reached between the legal owner and Pelican Ridge LOA.


Utility Hookups

9. Connection to electric, water and sewer service is the responsibility of the property owner. Any maintenance or repair of electric, water, or sewer service lines will be the responsibility of the Home/Land Owner.

10. The City of Arnolds Park provides trash receptacles for each home. Garbage should not be put out until the day of pickup and receptacle returned to the home after pickup.


11. Any add-ons, excluding garages, must be connected permanently to the home. All porches, decks, garages or other exterior improvements must receive written approval from Pelican Ridge General Manager before construction is commenced. Garage siding must be of the same material as the home. The Home/Land Owner is responsible for acquiring the necessary permits from the City of Arnolds Park.

 12. No carports, total yard fences, sandboxes, swing sets or other obstructions may be erected or placed at Pelican Ridge. Privacy fences will be allowed at or around a patio located on the side or back of the home. Fences may not exceed six (6) feet in height and written approval from the General Manager must be received before construction is commenced. The Home/Land Owner is responsible for acquiring the necessary permits from the City of Arnolds Park.

13. Home/Land Owners shall not drive any posts or do any digging, other than minor personal landscaping, without prior written approval from the Pelican Ridge General Manager. Once approval is given, Iowa One Call (8-1-1) must be contacted and any and all utilities marked by the appropriate service providers prior to digging.

14. No trees may be planted without the written approval of the Pelican Ridge General Manager. The written request presented should describe location and type of tree. If a tree is planted without prior approval, the Home/Land Owner may be required to remove the tree. 72 Updated 6/21/18 Effective 8/1/18

15. Any changes to the preserve beyond the individual’s property line must receive written approval from the Pelican Ridge General Manager.

Regulated Uses at Pelican Ridge

16. The Pelican Ridge development is located within the city limits of the City of Arnolds Park, Iowa. All laws of the State of Iowa and ordinances of the City of Arnolds Park apply in Pelican Ridge. These laws and ordinances include but are not limited to rules that regulate unlicensed drivers, pets running at large, use and possession of illegal drugs, trespassing, breaking and entering, nuisances, junk vehicles, etc. It is the responsibility of each Home/Land Owner to know the laws and ordinances that are in force at Pelican Ridge. Any Home/Land Owner with questions about these laws and ordinances should contact the Arnolds Park City Hall. Any Home/Land Owner observing suspicious activity that may be in violation of these laws and ordinances should immediately contact the Arnolds Park Police Department by calling 911 or, for non-emergency issues, 712-332- 2227.

17. No peddling, soliciting or commercial enterprise is allowed in the park without written consent of the General Manager. “Commercial enterprise,” among other things, is defined to mean providing childcare services for individuals other than registered Pelican Ridge tenants on a regular basis.

18. No vehicle repair or mechanical work is permitted. Motor vehicles unable to run on their own power will not be allowed in the Pelican Ridge for a period of more than seven (7) days. After passage of such a time period, such cars may be towed away at the Owners expense.

19. Boats, trailers, travel trailers of all types and motor homes of all types must be stored in a garage or parked off site. Travel trailers and motor homes may be parked in the driveway next to the home for up to (72) seventy-two hours to accommodate overnight guests or for loading and unloading purposes. Other trailers, including boat trailers may be kept on the driveway for loading and unloading purposes for up to forty-eight (48) hours. Every effort should be made to avoid parking trailers of all types or motor homes on the street to avoid traffic congestion. This applies to Home/Land Owners and their guests.

20. No semi-trailers are allowed; however, delivery trucks are allowed. 73 Updated 6/21/18 Effective 8/1/18

Home/Land Owners Duty to Maintain

21. Home/Land Owner shall: (a) maintain property in good condition; (b) store all personal items inside house or garage; (outside storage permitted in designated areas only) (c) keep all toys and miscellaneous items out of front yard, except when in actual use; (d) not install permanent outdoor clothes line (e) dispose of all rubbish, garbage, construction materials responsibly; (f) not burn trash or leaves; (g) be responsible for weeding landscaping around the home and trimming of bushes and trees; (h) furnish own garden hose to water landscaping and/or lawns; (i) comply with all applicable provisions of city, county and state codes materially affecting health and safety; (j) keep the part of Pelican Ridge Subdivision occupied reasonably clean and safe; (k) not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part of any Pelican Ridge Subdivision(s) or knowingly permit any person to do so; and (l) conduct himself or herself and require others in Pelican Ridge with his or her consent to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb the neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of Pelican Ridge. Written notification from the General Manager will be provided indicating noncompliance issue(s) and a reasonable timeframe to cure. Failure to comply may result in loss of use of common facilities and/or fee assessed to Home/Land Owner for cost to cure by others.

Services Provided to Home/Land Owner

22. Lawn care, including fertilizer and weed prevention.

23. Spring and fall cleanup of leaves.

24. Snow removal for driveways and sidewalks. However, steps and ramps and salt or ice melt chemicals are the responsibility of the Home/Land Owner. The City of Arnolds Park is responsible for snow removal from roadways. Pelican Ridge LOA is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of these contracted services. 74 Updated 6/21/18 Effective 8/1/18


Common Use Areas and Facilities

25. The clubhouse is available for personal use at no charge. Please contact the General Manager or reservation/ to make reservations in advance. Pelican Ridge LOA reserves the right to decline reservations if the event is for profit or political in nature.

26. Storm shelter is available in the lower level of the clubhouse. For your safety, please use it whenever severe weather warnings are broadcast. Animals need to be caged or on a leash at all times inside the storm shelter. 


27. Smoking is prohibited inside the clubhouse, storm shelter and any other enclosed common use structures and facilities.  Updated 6/21/18 Effective 8/1/18.

28. Children 14 and under are not permitted in the swimming pool, clubhouse, game room or exercise room without adult supervision. Children should not be allowed to play on the boat docks.

29. No swimming will be allowed in the fishing pond. No snowmobiling, walking or any other activity is allowed on the fishing pond when it is frozen.

30. Swimming in the marina is allowed in designated areas only. Pelican Ridge LOA is not responsible for accidents while using the facilities, swimming pool, docks, hoists or other common properties. Tampering with facilities, equipment or property owned by Pelican Ridge LOA is prohibited. This includes docks, hoists, wiring, outside storage area, mini-storage, clubhouse, pool, etc.


31. Home/Land Owner agrees not to use Pelican Ridge premises or facilities for any purpose deemed hazardous.

32. Home/Land Owner must pick up messes when walking pets. Dog bags and waste stations have been placed throughout the development. Maintenance workers reserve the right to refuse to mow or tend to the property of any Home/Land Owner that does not pick up their pet’s messes. Maintenance workers are not responsible for damage to leashes or ties left in the lawn and owner may be responsible for damage to equipment caused by these items.

33. Inquiries concerning service, repairs or upkeep should be directed to the General Manager. Do not contact maintenance workers or subcontractors directly. 75 Updated 6/21/18 Effective 8/1/18

34. Home/Land Owners may notify the General Manager if they plan an extended absence from their home. As a courtesy, authorities may be notified if any irregular/suspicious activities are observed. However, Pelican Ridge LOA shall assume no liability and make no warranties in the absence of the Home/Land Owner.

35. Pelican Ridge Lot Owners Association Board of Directors reserves the right to make any changes, additions, deletions and amendments to the Rules and Regulations governing the tenancy and occupancy. Notice will be given to all Pelican Ridge Home/Land Owners thirty (30) days before changes become effective.

36. Pelican Ridge Lot Owners Association or its management is not responsible for damage caused by fire, wind, storm or other acts of God or from any losses resulting from theft or break-in of the Tenant's property. In addition, Pelican Ridge Lot Owners Association, its managers, employees and contractors absolves itself from all liability or responsibility pertaining to the loss by fire, theft, accident, wind, break in, act of God, storm or any other cause whatsoever.


Any Home/Land Owner who observes a violation of these rules and regulations should report the violation to the General Manager. Home/Land Owners found to be in violation or any rule or regulation will be notified in writing of the violation for the first offense. Any subsequent violations will be directed to the Board of Directors. Loss of privileges of common use areas and facilities and/or monetary penalties may be imposed at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Each Home/Land Owner must sign an acknowledgment of these Rules and Regulations, and/or any amendments thereto, and return it to the General Manager before access cards to the clubhouse will be issued.

Pelican Ridge Lot Owners Association Agreement Regarding Rules and Regulations.

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Rules and Regulations and agree: to the terms and conditions set forth in the Rules and Regulations, as may be amended by Developer or Lot Owners Association from time to time; and that any infractions on my part of these conditions, or interference with the rights or management or other residents for which I have received written reminder or violation notices from management, shall be construed as failure on my part to perform the responsibilities of my ownership. It is agreed that the Developer and Lot Owners Association will have available to them all remedies provided at law and equity.