Pelican Ridge 2020 L.O.A.  Fees

Association Fee:

    Paid by check (only available on an annual basis):  $1,980.00/year

    Paid on ACH (automated clearing house):  $160.00/month

Due date options are 1st & 15th of each month. There is a late charge of $10.00 on association monthly fees paid after 10 days from the due date. Storage unit rent not paid after 30 days are sent a reminder and the storage unit is locked by Pelican Ridge LOA. If rent is not paid after 60 days, a certified notice is sent outlining the steps that will be taken; that could lead to the stored items being sold and/or cancellation of the rental agreement.


Seasonal Hoist Rent:

               9000# Hoist - $3,550.00

               7000# Hoist - $2,600.00

               6000# Hoist - $2,000.00

               5000# Hoist - $2,000.00

               4000# Hoist - $2,000.00

               Jet Ski Hoist -  $1,000.00


Mini Storage Unit Rent:

               5x10              $25.00/month

              10x20             $50.00/month

              10x25             $60.00/month


Outside Storage:

            Trailer < 30’  Summer Season   $60.00

            Trailer < 30’  Full Year                 $100.00


            Trailer >30’   Summer Season   $70.00

            Trailer >30’   Full year                 $120.00


            RV/Camper/MH Summer Season  $70.00

            RV/Camper/MH Full year                $120.00


There is a $30.00 charge on returned checks or ACH payments.